Tuesday, September 29, 2009


And once again, it has arrived!

It's been an entire year since I first saw the banners around town.

So much has gone on since then, that it feels like it happened ages ago (ー.ー;)

This is a picture I took of the stands from the stage during last year's Loud Park rehearsals.

Even though it was still during the day, a lot of people came and filled up that huge space...it made me really happy!

The moment we went out on stage the audience started cheering really loudly, and it felt really good, and even now I still clearly remember getting goosebumps from it all.

This year Judas Priest is coming!

Lately during band rehearsals, we've been playing with Hiro of GT and Painkiller, who all warm up at the same time we do, and this year, we're going to rock up Loud Park '09!

But!! This year we, Headphones President, will put a lot of fighting spirit into our one-man performance! We're gonna really rile things up and we won't lose at Loud Park!!!

Music is explosive!!!

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