Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's been a while, sorta (laugh)
We've quietly finished the play.
Thank you very much for all of you who came to see the performance♥

And now before I've realized it, it's already the day before the HPP release!
That was fast...too fast...it's already been 10 months!

Ever since tonight, my heart's been beating at the thought of sitting in front of that line tomorrow and I can't calm down (laugh)

Since last month we've been talking a lot about this new album in interviews and whatnot, but this has become a mini-album made from the warm feelings of all of the members.

I can feel everyone's hard work coming together, and that alone truly makes me happy.
I want to hurry and do a live show! (laugh)

Preparations for the one-man have already begun, and this time, it's gonna be really awesome (laugh)

I'll be looking forward to meeting you all♥

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  1. That's an awesome picture; one I don't have and have never seen before! Damn, Anza is a hottie.